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The Moscow Mule

I’m lucky enough to have the best mixologist I know as one of my best mates. The dude has spent 10 years perfecting his craft and I’m always amazed at his knowledge when it comes to flavour profiles. He has one of the most developed palates I’ve ever seen and when you invite him over for drinks he always brings a little leather bag full of the latest tools and ingredients picked up on his travels.

He’s gone a long way to shifting my perception of cocktails. In this country we often associate the word with bright pink drinks and umbrellas but the world of cocktails is seriously exciting. The trend nowadays is towards making as many of the ingredients as possible at home and something as simple as bitters has endless possibilities when you start experimenting. These pages will be filled with plenty of the classics as we move along, but with Saturday’s weather coming to the party there was only one option. The Moscow Mule. This is a killer drink for Summer and it’s easy to make. Like cooking, the quality of the drink is directly proportionate to the quality of ingredients. Don’t skimp.

2 shots Grey Goose vodka (or whatever is your favourite)
½ shot  freshly squeezed lime juice
3 dash  Angostura aromatic bitters
Ginger beer (Frankie’s or good ‘ol Stoney are good bets)

SHAKE first 3 ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass. Top with ginger beer and stir.

Lime wedge & mint sprig

Some extra tips here. Little details make a big difference with cocktails, especially with presentation. Something I’ve started doing is buying a whole block of ice and using a pick to chip off chunks. The end result in the glass is very, very cool. Also, give the mint a good slap in the palm of your hand to release the oils.

Go forth and eat,


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