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I met David Cope 6 years ago. We had a coffee and chatted about food and booze for hours. Essentially, we went on a blind date. We set up the meeting because – basically – Cape Town is a tiny city and we kept getting told by people who knew both of us that we could be the same person. We had the same ideas. We wrote the same articles. We went to the same restaurants. We cooked the same food. We drank at the same bars. So we went on a date.

The bromance has been pretty thick since then and we have been trying to collaborate on a project for years. There was talk of a gin joint. There was a TV pilot. (We still think we’re awesome in that by the way). There was craft beer in a can. There was whale sushi. But the timing was never right.

Until now.

As is the case with most good ideas, Publik Wine Bar was conceived halfway through a fair amount of booze. The idea seemed simple. I was opening a butchery with a liquor license. I didn’t want to run a bar. Dave did. Two beers later we had pretty much come up with the concept. A wine bar inside a butchery. That’ll work, won’t it? What if it was a wine bar inside a butchery that concentrates on natural wines. A bar showcasing interesting varietals. A bar championing winemakers who like to do as little to their grapes as possible. A bar for people who love wine but are bored of drinking the same stuff.

And guess what?

We actually did it.

Publik is a place where you come if you want to hang out in a chilled environment, sip some wine, eat some cured meat and basically just hang out for a few hours. It’s a place where you can lean back and take your time. It’s a place where you can learn a thing or two while you discover some new favourites. Or celebrate existing ones. It’s a place where we open magnums on a Monday. For no reason at all. I’m very proud of it.

Dave was quick to snap up Kristian Sorensen (a very smooth, very cool, very knowledgeable, very passionate Dane) to help him steer the ship. I’ve got a feeling they are onto a winner. Find out tonight, as Publik opens its doors. Umm…to the public.

Go forth and eat,


Publik Wine Bar, 81 Church Street.

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