National Braai Day at Weinhaus + Biergarten


The bromance continues on Wednesday. To celebrate Braai Day, which (I guess) was borne out of a desire to celebrate Heritage Day, FFMM are teaming up with Weinhaus + Biergarten across the road. As with everything Jason Lilley does, the menu has been scrutinised and I can tell you two things:

1. That dude takes meat seriously.

2. That dude takes his guests seriously.

We were briefed with creating a meat platter and, having presented him with a few options, he had no hesitation in choosing the most expensive one. It’s worth remembering that the end selling price was always going to remain the same so – essentially – all he wanted was the most kick-arse platter we could do. And he kept wanting to add more. Eventually we talked him out of adding a whole beef rib to the platter. (We figure that deserves an event all on its own)

If you like the idea of lighting a fire next week, cracking a few beers and getting some mates over please go ahead. Nothing wrong with that. At all. But if you like the idea of one of the best pound-for-pound cooks I’ve met lighting a fire for you…and you like the idea of his well-drilled staff cracking beers for you…then you know where to go.

A quick note on the meat you’ll be enjoying:

Chicken wings. Our chickens come from one farm near Mossel Bay. They are all reared with compulsory exercise hours and they have no animal by-products in their diet. They are farm chickens, from a farm, delivered by the farmer.

Smoked brisket. Our beef is grass-fed and pasture-reared. We are currently buying Simmentaler beef from a farm in Elgin and a Beef Master/Hereford cross from Natal. Brisket is a fibrous cut from the breastplate and requires a long, slow cooking time. This obviously makes it a popular cut for smoking. The meat will be brined for 3 – 5 days before the smoking process begins.

Boerewors. Come on. We can’t celebrate Braai Day without it. Ours is gluten-free. No cereals, rusk, bulking agents etc. Also, no MSG or other nasty shit. Just meat, spices and fat.

The P.A.C.MAN sausage. Pig and cow. That’s the basis of the second sausage you’ll be eating. Smoked bacon that we grind and add to forequarter mince. Throw in chilli flakes, white pepper and celery seed. Some garlic too. Ka-tang. One ticket to flavour town please.

Doors open at 12. See you there.

Go forth and eat,


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