About Me

I started a food blog a few years ago. It did pretty well so I took on some advertisers. Soon I was writing for magazines across the country. I was reviewing restaurants in London for publications and academies I used to idolise. And I was getting paid to do it. I was “living the dream”. Right? Except I wasn’t. Instead, I was writing shit that made me cringe.

I was embarrassed.

I hated it.

This site is a return to the reason I started it all in the first place. This is where I can document meals that genuinely move me. Here I can profile chefs that inspire me. Here I can tell you where I think you should be eating. And where you shouldn’t be. This is not a site with paid for content. Instead, these pages will (hopefully) be filled with interesting stuff that I think you’d like to read. I can say that I don’t actually care what my readership is AND I CAN ACTUALLY MEAN IT FOR THE FIRST TIME. It’s liberating and I cannot wait to write for the simple pleasure of writing again. I hope you like what I’ve got to say. If you don’t… well… that’s cool too.

If you want to give me a shout about anything pls email me at andy@ffmm.co.za