Burgers & Hip Hop. Cape Town.

Burgers & Hip Hop


What are you doing this Saturday?

“The wife and I are heading out to the winelands to…”


Wrong answer.

“There’s a really cool bar opening at…”


Wrong answer.

“Netflix and chill on…”


Wrong answer.

Stop being silly now.

What you’re doing this Saturday is coming on down to Shortmarket Street, to eat some burgers and listen to hip hop. Take out your diary, write it in there. Lean back and smile that smug smile. You’re allowed to now. You’ve done well sport.

A simple concept that originally began in Berlin, this festival is pretty basic. It’s very basic, in fact. People dig burgers. People dig hip hop. Let’s combine the two. And so they did. The runaway success in Berlin led to outings in Zurich, Paris and more. And now it’s our turn.

Saturday sees the gorgeous Mother City taking centre stage, with six of our best chefs slinging their own interpretations of the iconic hamburger. Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants is privileged to have been chosen as the exclusive meat supplier for the event, and we’ll be joining an all star cast of sponsors, including Puma, And Union and Red Bull Studios. The event has been pulled together by the good people over at The House of Machines and, true to their nature, they have not gone small. A section of Shortmarket Street will be shut down as a result, with the production being handled by Beanstalk. So expect good things. Expect great things, in fact.

Participating restaurants are:

Jason Bakery

Potluck Club

ASH restaurant

El Burro

Royale Eatery

Beijing Opera

In other words, some of the best young talent we have locally.

I’m not sure if you’re still reading this. Maybe you are. Maybe you stopped at the part when we mentioned burgers and hip hop. Together. In one spot. But know this: tickets are selling fast. They’re R200 and can be bought on Webtickets. Limited tickets will be sold at the door but…come on. You don’t want to take that risk.

Saturday will be a good one. It’ll be a celebration of food and music, for sure. But it’s also a celebration of Cape Town. Once again, we have caught the eye of global cities. Let’s show them what we’ve got.

Go forth and eat,

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