April, 2014


I don’t blog much anymore. It bums me out. One of the reasons for stopping/slowing down was the constant press releases, the constant media events, the constant product drops and the eventual decline in the standard of my own writing. I felt like I was writing for the sake of writing. I promised myself I would quit. And I did. The new site was dedicated to posting about food experiences that actually moved me. Food experiences that were worth sharing. Food experiences that made me smile or made me pause for a second to reflect.

Oranjezicht City Farm is one of those.

I haven’t seen something as cool as that in a long time. Most people know it as a Saturday morning market but the real secret is Wednesday evenings. The place is open to the public from 4pm – 6:30pm and all you need to do is rock up with an empty bag and an open mind. You’ll get led around the place and shown what you can harvest. You’ll even be shown how to do it. (Yup, there’s a way to do it). This week I went to town with Swiss chard, baby spinach, baby marrows, lettuce, radishes, red basil, aubergine and kale. I packed a basket full of the stuff. And the cost? The cost of fresh, seasonal produce pulled from the soil? R70. FOR THE WHOLE BASKET.

Woolworths will never see me again.

The setting for all of this is a bit of a joke too. With views of the sun setting over this incredible city that we call home, even if I wasn’t allowed to take anything home I would recommend a visit.

Go forth and eat,



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