May, 2013

Yuppiechef: Eat For the Earth

You’re reading this post. So I already know you dig:

1. Food

2. Booze

3. Enjoying food and booze with mates.

In other words, you don’t need an excuse to get a few cool people together to do some cooking. But here’s one anyway – it comes form the awesome people at Yuppiechef.

On June 5th (National Environmental Day) the crew has arranged an incentive called Eat For The Earth. With all proceeds going to their Soil For Life charity, all you do is head over to the website ( and register your event on their plant wall. One plant, one event. You are then encouraged to get people to support your event by donating money. These are likely to be guests you are cooking for, but not necessarily. As they give cash for the cause, your plant gets cool things added to it in the form of “plant love”. These are typically quirky of the brand and include lego men, mini pink cars, bunny ears, Indian headdresses, trolls, stickers etc.

The reason I love this campaign is because of the transparency. Yuppiechef have created the wall which could have backfired for them badly if nobody had got involved. Imagine how sad that empty space would look. Instead, more and more people are getting their plant up there and doing their best to rally some support and some cash. It’s very, very cool and it becomes a visual representation of everybody chipping in.

I hope you get on board. For those that are interested let me break down some options:

1. Register your own event and cook on the 5th of June.

2. Donate to the event I have arranged (a collaborative lunch at Dear Me). Look on their site for the plant, as per the pic above.

3. Donate AND ATTEND the above event.

4. Donate to any of the other cool events on the wall.

That’s it really. If you want to see a bit more check out the video below which we shot yesterday while I was visiting Yuppiechef HQ.

Go forth and eat,



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